South Pacific Education Courses We here at Cullinane College have a course called SPEC. This course is based around the New Zealand school curriculum and focuses on skills that research has shown employers value and are looking for in people they will employ.


Managing self:  The ability to set and achieve small steps toward a larger goal they set for themselves.


Relating to others: Working co-operatively in a range of unfamiliar or completely new situations in one-one or group tasks.


Thinking: Being able to think critically, creatively and logically to solve problems that may arise. Problems are seen as an ideal learning opportunity.


Participation and Contributing: Being able to demonstrate involvement in the wider community local, national, and or globally.


Using Language, Text and symbols: Being able to demonstrate a variety of ways to present tasks and improve on presentation styles. We have a Literacy focus in this class to work with your child to improve their reading /writing skills while developing their social skills.


At level 1, 2 and 3 your child will also be able to work through and achieve Unit standards in social and communication skills. There is a cost attached to this course which we have set at $30.00 per student. This does only cover part cost of the course. We do endeavour to supply other resources to help keep this cost at a minimum for you. However, if your child chooses to do an expensive project some of this cost will be sort from you to help them achieve their goal. We do encourage them to think carefully about their tasks so as not to incur costs unnecessarily. We do hope this year will see your child gain new skills and feel good about who they are and where they fit in this world.

Rose Ansley SPEC Coordinator 3490105.

O'Shea Shield
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