A SWEET Evening for our Whanau and Students

Y11-Y13 Parent & Student ‘SWEET’Evening

Wednesday 17th May

On May 17th the College is arranging to run an evening for our Year 11 – Year 13 students and their parents and whanau. The purpose of the evening is to get students, their families and our teaching staff focusing on what each student identifies as their educational aspirations. The students will be supported by their whanau to identify what they see as important and valuable goals for their education in 2017. As we all know, if we do not set goals then we are likely to achieve little. The articulation of our goals is the first important step to achieving them. Once these goals are identified we hope that the student, their family and the school can work together to make sure that each of our senior students are supported to achieve their goals by years end. We intend using what we have termed a ‘SWEET Tool’ to facilitate the process and this tool is a Ministry of Education designed tool that has never been used extensively until it was trialled in Whanganui last year with a small group of schools including ourselves.

Having trialled this tool last year we would now like to develop this process further by including all of our senior students (with the intention to spread this across the whole school in 2018). The SWEET evening on Wednesday 17th May will form the starting point of a series of events including Family Day (3rd and 4th July) and later parent/student/school mentoring and monitoring meetings that take place in terms 3 and 4. While we are very proud that our students are currently performing very well in NCEA (our overall NCEA results place us in the top 3% of New Zealand mainstream secondary schools in terms of achievement levels) there are areas that we believe our students can do better in and which are important for their future. In the end, however, the evening is about giving our students and their families a greater voice in the development of each student’s academic goals.

THE ‘SWEET’ evening will take place in two sessions on Wednesday May 17th. The first session will run from 4.30pm – 5.30pm with the second session going from 6.00pm-7.00pm. Families will be able to select which session they would like to attend. The sessions will take place in each form teacher’s classroom and they will be supported by another teaching staff member in facilitating the session. Classrooms will be set up so that each family has their own space to develop their child’s goals and plans using the ‘SWEET’ Tool. We hope you will support this evening as it is centred on your daughter/son - it is not a report evening – and each student will benefit from having your support and voice in the process. If you have any questions about the evening then please do not hesitate to contact your daughter’s and/or son’s form teacher. We look forward to working with you all. God Bless!

Kevin Shore

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