Urgent Update For The Cullinane College Community

Due to the demolition of the Performing Arts Complex a number of issues have arisen which will likely impact on the opening of the College in 2017.


As a result we have had no internet capability since late December 2016 and are yet to have this connected. We have, fortunately just had our server re-connected so now have the ability to access our student management software but the lack of the internet has reduced our ability to use this to its full extent. Coupled to this we have no water and sewage due to a demolition worker running through a major water pipe. We hope to have the internet, water and sewage reconnected later this week (starting Tuesday 24th January) but, obviously, this has and continues to have, a major impact on our ability to facilitate the opening of the College.


However, the most serious issue has been the discovery of asbestos within the building being demolished and as a result the building site has been closed down until a report from a specialist is completed. This report should be available by late Wednesday 25th January. The asbestos has been discovered within the linoleum that was under the existing floor coverings. It is white asbestos (rather than the more dangerous blue asbestos) and is not airborne , we are told, so has not been a risk to students and staff.


The whole building site has been sprayed with a compound to seal the asbestos until the report is completed and a strategy determined to remove the asbestos. It is likely that the whole College site may be closed while the asbestos is removed but at this stage we have no idea how long this will take and when it will happen. When we receive the report this Wednesday we will have a better idea of the implications for opening the College.


In the meantime we will continue this week as we had planned with option interviews for the senior students and meetings with staff in preparation for the College resuming in 2017. We will update both the College Facebook and the College Website with information as it comes to hand. Obviously, this is not the start that we wished for but we have little control over these events and just have to manage what we have in front of us. The safety of both the students and the staff is our first priority.


The worst case scenario is that our start to school may be delayed and so I ask all parents and students to refer to our Facebook site and webpage over the coming days so that you are fully informed about the process and timeline for starting the College.

  your patience and understanding during this process. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at the College. Hoping that these issues are resolved quickly!


Kevin Shore

Principal Cullinane College

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