The O'Shea Shield

O'Shea Shield
Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th May 2016 

Sacred Heart Girls' College is proud to be hosting O'Shea Shield for 2016.

O'Shea Shield 2016 Scorecard and Debate Draw'Shea%202016%20Revised%20Draw.pdf

O'Shea Shield Impromptu Speech Guidelines 2016'Shea%202016%20Impromptu%20Speaking%20Guidelines.pdf

O'Shea Shield Junior Prepared Speech Guidelines 2016'Shea%202016%20Junior%20Prepared%20Speech%20Guidelines.pdf

O'Shea Shield Maori Scripture Reading Guidelines 2016'Shea%202016%20Maori%20Scripture%20Reading%20Guidelines.pdf

O'Shea Shield Oratory Guidelines 2016'Shea%202016%20Oratory%20Guidelines.pdf

O'Shea Shield Religious Drama Guidelines 2016'Shea%202016%20Religious%20Drama%20Guidelines.pdf

O'Shea Shield Religious Questions Guidelines 2016'Shea%202016%20Religious%20Questions%20Guidelines.pdf

O'Shea Shield Debating Guidelines 2016

O'Shea Shield Scripture Reading Guidelines 2016'Shea%202016%20Scripture%20Reading%20Guidelines.pdf

O'Shea Shield Religious Questions Documents for 2016

O'Shea Shield Scripture Readings for 2016'Shea%202016%20Scripture%20Readings%20A%20-%20F.pdf

O'Shea Shield Te Reo Scripture Readings for 2016'Shea%202016%20Scripture%20Readings%20Te%20Reo%20A-F.pdf

O'Shea Shield
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